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Last updated on July 24, 2024
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About Roofstock, Inc.

Roofstock is dedicated to constructing the world's leading real estate investment marketplace. Their goal is to make investment real estate ownership easily accessible, cost-effective, and straightforward. Their platform empowers individuals, from first-time investors to global asset managers, to confidently evaluate, purchase, and own residential investment properties from anywhere in the world. Roofstock combines highly experienced professionals with the power of artificial intelligence and institutional scale to level the playing field, removing traditional barriers to real estate investing. Their process simplifies, clarifies, and streamlines real estate investment, creating a vibrant and proactive marketplace with accessible information and seamless transactions

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Roofstock stock is not currently traded in the private markets. We do not have enough data to print a price history for Roofstock right now. If you can share any Roofstock stock trade data or funding round price per share, then we can start pricing coverage for Roofstock.

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We are missing all Roofstock funding round valuations. Sometimes these details are not shared in funding announcements or corporate filings. If you can share valuations for any funding rounds that Roofstock has done, then we can start valuation coverage for Roofstock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Roofstock have stock?

Yes. Roofstock is a private venture-backed company. Investors usually purchase preferred stock and employees typically receive common stock options or restricted stock units (RSUs) as part of their compensation.

What is Roofstock's stock symbol?

Since it is not publicly listed, there is no Roofstock stock symbol or Roofstock ticker symbol assigned for Roofstock.

Private companies typically reserve a stock symbol up to two years prior to an IPO, and disclose this when they file a Form S-1 with the Security Exchange Commission when they start the IPO process.

How can I sell Roofstock stock?

If you own shares of a private company, it may be possible to find liquidity for your holdings before the company goes public. Finding the right private market broker can make all the difference as the best brokers can leverage deep industry relationships and negotiate on your behalf.

If you are interested in selling private stock you can reach out to Premier brokers for more information.

How do Roofstock pre-IPO trades work?

Private market transactions can be complex and may involve company approvals, legal purchase agreements and wires to third parties. Trades can take 30 - 60 days to complete which is why many investors work with experienced private market brokers to help guide the process.

Direct share transfers typically require issuer approvals. Issuers may exercise the right of first refusal (ROFR) in order to direct the seller to a buyer of their choosing.

Some issuers do not allow transactions. In these cases, buyers will need to purchase indirect interests in the business via special purpose vehicles (SPVs) or forward purchase contracts (forwards).

Is Roofstock publicly traded?

Roofstock stock does not trade publicly on Nasdaq or NYSE because it is still a private company. Roofstock stock might be available for purchase in the secondary markets, but Roofstock stock is not available for purchase by the general public, and can not be purchased through traditional brokerage accounts.

How can I buy Roofstock stock?

Only accredited investors and qualified purchasers can buy private stock. These investors buy pre-IPO stock in the secondary market from existing employees and investors.

To learn more about the market for Roofstock stock, talk to the best brokers on the planet.

How to invest in Roofstock?

Accredited investors can purchase shares in private companies like Roofstock. Investors can rely on Notice Premier Brokers to find supply and guide them through the trading process.

Because Roofstock is privately held, its stock is not available for purchase through public stock exchanges like the NYSE or Nasdaq. Retail investors can not access this stock via traditional brokerage accounts, and are not allowed to invest directly in Roofstock pre-IPO.

How is Notice pricing Roofstock?

Notice Price is algorithmically generated based on a number of inputs like private market activity, official company filings, internal marks, and comparables.

Developing accurate pricing for the private market, and making that pricing available to everyone has always been our mission.