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Wasabi Technologies, Inc. is an object storage service provider based in the United States that sells one product, an object storage service called Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. The company was co-founded in September 2015 by David Friend and Jeff Flowers and launched its cloud storage product in May 2017.
Legal Name
Wasabi Technologies LLC

Wasabi Technologies Stock Price History

Wasabi Technologies stock is not currently traded in the private markets. We do not have enough data to print a price history for Wasabi Technologies right now. If you can share any Wasabi Technologies stock trade data or funding round price per share, then we can start pricing coverage for Wasabi Technologies.

Wasabi Technologies Valuation

We are missing all Wasabi Technologies funding round valuations. Sometimes these details are not shared in funding announcements or corporate filings. If you can share valuations for any funding rounds that Wasabi Technologies has done, then we can start valuation coverage for Wasabi Technologies.

Wasabi Technologies IPO

Wasabi Technologies has not announced an official IPO date, IPO stock price, or filed a registration statement Form S-1 with the SEC. The Wasabi Technologies IPO timeline is unknown. An IPO for Wasabi Technologies will likely need to clear the internal qualified public offering criteria in order receive shareholder approval. When Wasabi Technologies is ready to go public, they can IPO, SPAC or Direct List.

Does Wasabi Technologies have stock?


Investors usually get preferred stock and employees typically get common stock options or restricted stock units.

How to buy Wasabi Technologies stock?

Wasabi Technologies stock does not trade publicly on Nasdaq or NYSE because it is still a private company. Accredited investors are permitted to buy Wasabi Technologies stock pre-IPO.

Private market transactions can be complex and often involve company approvals, legal purchase agreements and wires to third parties.

Trades can take 30 - 60 days to complete and that's why many investors hire experienced private market brokers to ensure things go smoothly. Notice members can message expert brokers for free to learn more about buying and selling private stocks.

What is the Wasabi Technologies Stock Symbol?

Wasabi Technologies does not have stock symbol nor does it trade in the public stock market because it is not a public company.

Wasabi Technologies will choose a stock symbol or stock code prior to IPO.

Wasabi Technologies will appear in the Notice stock ticker if it has recent private market activity.

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